Bas Godska representing the Acrobator company developed and implemented’s Benelux e-business strategy, set up pan-European search engine team, assisted in cost-effective reorganisation, integration, outsourcing of five Benelux companies and established aggressive (triple digit) growth for Benelux locales. Bas Godska instigated and coordinated tech integration of online tools like Omniture, Digimine, Tradedoubler, LFE, Dynamic Packaging engine, DART, Waverunner, Zope Frontier CMS, Epiphany, Admeta, various white labels (e.g. American Airlines) and various internal tools. Also he coordinated pan-European commercial advertising campaigns, co-generated 8-digit bottomline media sales revenue. Managed international Marketing, MIS and Webmastering teams across the multiple brands (,,,, : 47 staff, 6 direct reports. was founded in London by Martha Lane Fox and Brent Hoberman in 1998 to offer late holiday deals online. Today, is the champion of last minute travel and leisure. Giving people five-star experiences at three-star price tags is what lives for. The company has been doing it since 1998 and it reckons it is the best at it. When the company asked independent researchers to ask people which European brand they associated with ‘last minute’ travel and leisure, 94 per cent of them mentioned Hotels, spa days, city breaks, meals out, theatre ticket… provides customers with great last minute deals which enable and inspire spontaneity.