Acrobator and Bas Godska as KupiVIP CMO doubled Russia's leading shopping club member base to 10 million members whilst cutting acquisition costs by 50%. Also we contributed to digital marketing for its holding organisations Kupiluxe, Shoptime.ru and Private Trade E-Commerce Services (PTECS) with such clients as Tsum, Roxy, Quiksilver, Topliga, Lacoste and more.

KupiVIP (www.kupivip.ru) provides a destination where Members discover premium-brand SALE events. For each sale KupiVIP.ru offers one brand for the duration of one to three days significantly lower than average retail. This sale events help brand partners to manage their excess inventory in an efficient and brand enhancing format. The company also offers Commerce Solutions and Fullfillment Services operating flagship stores for the global fashion and lifestyle brands in the form of „one-stop-shop“ solution by enabling multi-channel opportunities for the brands. KupiVIP supports brands in all aspects of eCommerce based on the company platform.