About us

Acrobator is a leading Digital Marketing and E-commerce consulting firm in Russia/CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). Founded by Bas Godska, a "Digital Dutchman" with 18 years of worldwide experience, a committed Acrobator team of strategists and marketing professionals work with medium and large internet firms, omnichannel retailers and companies, global financial institutions.

★ We help International Companies successfully enter the complex Russian/CIS market

★ We enable Russia’s top 100 E-commerce and Omnichannel companies achieve growth through improved performance

★ We provide Russian/CIS market intelligence to the world’s leading VCs, investment banks and hedge funds

★ We invest in promising tech marketing and E-commerce projects. Our portfolio consists of over 35 companies

★ We know E-commerce, we live Digital Marketing

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Our Services

We have an unique industry expertise that allows us to solve a wide range of complex problems. We are passionate about fixing digital challenges that matter to our clients. We find the real issues, offer and execute highly tailored, actionable recommendations. We uncover our clients’ hidden performance potential by thoroughly scanning and improving their business with the Acrobator's proprietary C.A.S.H.C.O.W. B.O.M.B.E.R.© marketing formula.

Download our presentation with services and cases and contact us. Our team will demonstrate our products and estimate our potential impact on your business.

Our Clients

better performance in more than 100 companies with Acrobator

Oskar Hartmann
Founder, President of KupiVip Group
"The team elaborated a complex marketing strategy and successfully raised Kupivip's revenues and capitalisation."
Niels Tonsen
Co-Founder, CEO of Lamoda.ru
"Being a CMO at initial stages of Lamoda's growth, Bas and his marketing team managed to achieve impressive results. The team reached ambitious KPIs and made the company a market leader."
Martin Schierer
CEO of Otto Group Russia
"Acrobator gave us clear understanding of current digital marketing state. The team distinguished short- and longterm tasks from our mere data, unbiasedly prioiritised them based on forecasted ROI."
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